WHAT WE DO - INFORM public and present Islam through our positive attitude and proactive approach & combat Islamophobia and injustice in the society via traditional and social media.






INFORM public and present Islam through our positive attitude and proactive approach; and combat Islamophobia and injustice in the society via traditional and social media.

INSPIRE and motivate Muslim community to be proactive and to stand up for the rights and dignity of all Americans.

TRANSFORM Muslim community and encourage them towards Operational Unity and more involvement in civic engagement, so that America becomes a better place for all.



Fighting Islamophobia & Hate: Monitoring and exposing Islamophobia and hate in the society and fighting it through news, blogs, articles, videos, studies and reports by fair minded people. With due permission, any institution or website will be allowed to use our original work.


Use of Media & Social Media: Using a team of media professionals to effectively promote Muslim points of view on social media including Facebook, Tweeters, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram and also to write Op-Eds. and letters-to-editors on issues related with Islamophobia, hate and injustice in America. We will be glad to provide op-ed to any local, regional or national newspapers.


American Muslim Database: Create a database of Muslim scholars and experts to serve as Muslim Speakers Bureau to communicate with mass media outlets and present Muslim perspectives at different forums.

We are pleased to provide a scholar or expert for media talk shows or documentaries to present Muslim perspective on different religious, social or political issues. 


Request a Speaker: For education and building understanding among the communities, we are pleased to offer a speaker for your institution (high school, corporation, law-enforcement dept.) or community/social organization or a faith group, for your regular event or special customized program on any of the following topics, gratis.

• Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

• Common Values among Abrahamic Faiths

• Muslim Contributions to Civilization

• A History of Muslims in America

• FAQs about terrorism, Jihad, Shari’ah, Islamophobia and Muslim women 


Open Mosque Day: To bring awareness of Islamic teachings and for building bridges among the American Muslims and their neighbors, we encourage and assist Mosques nationwide to organize Open Mosque Day twice a year on Sunday in the month October and April.


Civic Engagement: We encourage and promote American Muslims for civic engagement from local to national level through seminars and workshops. If your organization or Mosque is interested to conduct a seminar or training workshop on civic engagement, we can help you. We also develop and maintain close contacts with elected and government officials and let them know the Muslim view point on important issues. 


Alliance with Faith Groups: We build partnerships and participate in coalitions with like-minded organizations and faith groups to build a hate-free and just society.



Phase II

1) Establishment of an American Muslim Media Center in New York City and offer the following:

a) Seminars and workshops for mainstream journalists about Islam and issues related with American Muslims.

b) Offering a formal course on Islam and Muslim issues to journalists, academics, civic leaders etc.

c) Prepare a team of American Muslim journalists, writers and dynamic leaders.

d) Invite and present Muslim perspectives to communities and congregations influenced by Islamophobia on different issues.

e) Invite selected Islamophobes and have a lunch or dinner with them, with a frank but respectful discussion on different issues.