Join the Fight

Join the Fight

Join the Fight




“How can I help?” It’s a simple and surprisingly powerful question. Ask and you could change someone’s life or initiate a change in society. And in the process, you could transform your own.  

We are on a mission to inform, inspire and transform our society as a just and peaceful one. To achieve this goal every one of us has to volunteer time, talent, energy and funds for this noble cause.

Here are some ways that you can get involved.


Send a Tip: 

Do you have suggestions for us? Information about an Islamophobia incident, a news, or a story to tell? Please let us know via e-mail:


Write For Us: 

We are looking for writers and bloggers who can analyze and reach beneath the surface. Our content is well researched, fact-driven, and related to the good, bad and ugly in our society. Your advice isn’t oversimplified or clichéd; it’s insightful and empowering readers to understand issues and solutions. Your blog or article builds to a clear message/a lesson for readers, something that might evoke an “A ha” moment for them. Read more


Make a tax-exempt donation now!

The future of your children and our country depends on the winning of this fight. We all have to pull our resources - financial, time and expertise - for this great challenge.

The need is real and we need your financial help because we all want to make America a better place. Give generously because your contribution will indeed make a big difference. Your recurring (monthly) gift will be very helpful.  

It will only take a minute and it will help forever! 

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Become a Volunteer: 

Most of our work is done by volunteers and they keep us moving forward. We are always looking for volunteers to promote and strengthen our work. If you are interested please fill the form. 


Promote Web Portal: 

If you agree with our noble cause, please promote and share our portal with your friends and family. You can participate by providing:

  •        Your contacts email addresses to us or forward our portal URL ( with a note to your contacts.

  •        We can also provide you free of charge promotional postcards to distribute among your friends or at your mosque/center or at an event/program.

  •        If you are active on social media, we can provide you a banner ad or do whatever appropriate to promote us on your Facebook or through Tweeter account and YouTube. Please contact:


Fundraising: Motivate Friends and Family:

When you let your friends and family know of your charitable donations, they may find themselves more motivated to undertake their own efforts to give.

It takes a village to address issues such as Islamophobia, hate and injustice in the society. Organize a fundraising event at home and invite your friends and family and brief them about Islamophobia and its ramifications, and urge them to make a donation for this good cause.

We are a non-profit and tax deductable educational organization and a charity, Mission Kindness International, Inc. We can send you free of charge donation/pledge form and promotional postcards for your event. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: